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The meaning of Criativo is having a lively imagination, thinking out side the box and create the unimaginable 

White Wedding Altar

We design, create and transform any space through a seemingly magical process. We have a big creative vision with an even bigger passion for making people happy. We do that through delivering unforgettable experiences that celebrate life’s biggest moments.

My career in events started back 1999 in a family-run business. Passion driven, client focused, my commitment and exceptional customer service has helped me grow within the industry to become one of the leading creative event designers and event planners in South Africa.

I pay exceptional attention to detail and am able to outline full event solutions in an initial client meeting. I am practical, a resourceful implementer and a solution provider.
I always meeting imposed deadlines.

I love traveling and have coordinated events in South Africa. Botswana, Mozambique, Lesotho, Namibia, United Kingdom and Portugal

A Bit About Me

Fred Swanzee, Criativo Eventos

Fred is a creative genius when it comes to corporate events and décor styling. He has excellent client relationship skills and always goes the extra mile to ensure that the event is a success. He is a motivated individual and an absolute pleasure to work with.

Fatima Hoosen, Corporate events manager at Auditor-General of South Africa

Working with Fred and his team has been nothing short of a privilege. Creating World Class events can only be done with a dedicated team who have a passion for their craft. You are indeed one of these individuals!

Your creatively and devotion to achieve excellence is something I will always appreciate.

I would recommend you to anyone that is looking to create events that surpass their imagination!

Ricardo Mesquita, Change Management Consultant at WesBank, South Africa

Fred is and always will be my biggest inspiration in the Events Industry. His creativity when it comes to any theme has no limit, no matter what obscure requests a client throws at him, he always has the most creative and imaginative way of bringing any space to life.

No matter how small or how large of an event was given to him, he took them all on full force to create the most spectacular events. The hours of hard work and stress Fred puts in to ensure each and every one of his events were perfect from design to execution is one of the stand out characteristics that Fred has.

Working along side Fred has to be the most valuable experience that I will carry with me through my life. From his hard work and dedication to the industry, his creativity, and his willingness to create greatness, has allowed me to grow and develop into who I am today.

Fred is not only an amazing Event Stylist and hard worker but he is a leader and an inspiration to anyone who has the privilege of working with him.

Stephanie Stone

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