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The most successful event is the one that achieves your goals and exceeds you expectations

We are event specialist, taking care of every aspect of your event. We give you the local support to ensure things run smoothly and according to plan.

Event Coordinating Services

  • Identify the client’s requirements and expectations for each event.

  • Liaise with vendors, exhibitors, and stakeholders during the event planning process to ensure everything is in order.

  • Manage all event set-up, tear down, and follow-up processes.

  • Maintain event budgets.

  • Book venues, entertainers, photographers, and schedule speakers.

  • Conduct final inspections on the day of the event to ensure everything adheres to the client’s standards.

Event Planner and Costumer

Event Concept & Design

​As event designers we focus on the aesthetics of the event, the décor and style.

It's all about the visual details that will transform the venue and provide the right atmosphere and mood.

When designing an event we focus on the following:

  • Space – We plan the entry and exit doorways, where the guests are going to sit, the furnishing and equipment required. The right balance between the occupied and empty spaces to ensure that the place doesn’t get crowded or look empty. 

  • The layout – A well done layout planning can transform the space completely and make it look very impressive. Should the tables and chairs be positioned in rows or should they be in a theater style? How will the podium look? Where is the event registration place going to be placed and how is it going to look?

  • Furnishings – We carefully pick equipment and furnishings to fit the venue and contribute to the overall effect.

  • Lighting – a Very key element of your event. We highlight important areas in the space by projecting images on the floor, using uplighters, and by incorporating interchangeable color. 

  •  Color – Color will set the tone and mood for the event. We are experts in pairing colors, for example when , if it is an extravagant evening celebration, then metallic silver and gold can be used together with black. On the other hand, blue and light green can be the better choice if learning is the focus. Pink and blue goes well for baby showers. In corporate events, it is essential to pick the colors of the business or the brand.

  • Patterns and Textures – Patterns and textures are important too because they will add interest and improve the aesthetic appeal. For example, the animal prints, floral elements, geometric patterns, Suede fabrics or silky linen, depending  on the kind of event.

Algarve event planner

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